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Foremost, I view myself as a facilitator of learning. My role is to present challenges and foster the optimal conditions within the learning environment for individuals to uncover solutions independently. In golf training, I approach it akin to any other sport, tailoring my methods to align with each player's distinct objectives and attributes. My philosophy centers on nurturing golfer-athletes who can eventually think autonomously and acquire sufficient understanding of their swing to act as their own coach.


I employ a bottom-up teaching methodology. Beginning with emphasizing the significance of a solid setup and fundamental principles, I guide individuals through experiencing the golf swing from the ground up, with particular focus on the involvement of their feet and ground reaction forces. Leveraging technology such as pressure plates, Trackman, and video analysis, my students develop a profound comprehension of the task at hand. These tools not only aid in refining proper motion but also offer valuable data insights, catering to diverse learning styles and promoting creative thinking.


Once we establish a clear objective, I adopt a less-is-more communication approach. It involves delivering precise guidance at opportune moments and allowing players to confront challenges during our teaching sessions. Embracing the struggle is crucial as it empowers students to internally source their "feels" and chart their unique path toward achieving their goals. This approach cultivates a deep understanding and personal ownership of their golfing technique.

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It is my mission to help people have more fun playing golf. And nothing is more fun than playing great golf. After teaching golf for over 15 years and giving over 10,000 lessons I have come to the conclusion that traditional golf instruction does not do enough to help people get better. We are all guilty of focusing too much on our full swing, with little to no focus on the several other aspects of the game that lead to better playing. I work with golfers using a 4-step process:

Step-1: Fundamentals - In this step we drill down the fundamentals using video and Trackman. We make the adjustments necessary to create more consistent performance. Full swing, chipping, sand, and putting fundamentals are all part of this step.

Step-2: Taking it to the course - Step 2 is about taking our fundamentals and using them on the golf course. In this step we work on the adjustments necessary for the variety of conditions we see on the golf course.

Step-3: Competition - Whether it’s a casual game with friends or a serious tournament, in this step we focus on how to perform. This should be the most fun part of my program as we will play together on-course. There is also opportunities to play in Pro-Am events with me.

Step-4: Evaluation - After working on the first three steps we will assess which steps need more work and go back to them. This cycle will be repeated as needed to reach your

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Sean Kato


Coaching and teaching golf has been my lifelong passion. Whether it's offering a simple swing tip on the range or a mental strategy for the course, I believe my experience and knowledge can benefit anyone.

My background equips me with an understanding of the game's highs and lows, comprehending both the challenges and ease it can offer. I've studied how top players navigate the golf course, aiming to guide average golfers toward achieving similar success. Proficient in course management through systems like DECADE and GolfIQ, I specialize in putting, short game, and full swing fundamentals. 

Recently, concluding my college golf career at Oregon State University, I've enjoyed a successful journey in junior, amateur, and collegiate competitions, aspiring to transition that triumph to the professional tour.

  • Oregon State University Golf Team 2018-2023

  • PAC12 All Freshman Team 2018

  • 4 consecutive team NCAA postseason appearances 

  • WJGA State Champion 2017

  • Ryan Moore AJGA Champion 2017

  • Washington Men’s Amateur Champion 2020

  • Qualified for USGA Amateur Championship 2021

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